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How does it work?

Step 1: Stall

Create your virtual stall by filling out the information below and uploading the pictures.

Step 2: Inventory

Take pictures of the items you want to sell. One per picture if possible or multiple if easier.

Step 3: Buyers

Talk to your potential buyers and maintain your inventory up to date.

I manage my stall

Example: House clearance, everything must go!

Example: Prices to be agreed. Sold as seen. Don't hesitate to come and have a look before buying. Collection only.

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For transparency and in accordance to the law, please indicate if you are acting as a professional seller.

I manage my inventory

Take and upload pictures of the items you want to sell

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Quick Tips:

  • - Specify a price of zero to indicate that the item is free or leave it blank to indicate that the price is to be agreed
  • - All the fields are optional but don't hesitate to fill them out to optimize your sale
  • - Our Machine Learning algorithm will add keywords for you if missing but don't hesitate to modify them